Images acquisition

We perform all types of digital aerial precision photography missions  in France and abroad. Our team of specialists then ensures the processing and analysis of the data produced: GeoData products, high precision mapping.


The fixed-wing UAV offers performance and high-tech features for professional use, especially in the field of geospatial information:

  • GSD (Ground Sample Distance) of less than 1.5 cm / pixel
  • A relative accuracy of the 3D model and orthomosaic matching GSD 1-3x
  • A horizontal / vertical absolute accuracy less (with / GCPs) less than 3 cm / 5 cm
  • A horizontal / vertical absolute accuracy of less (without / GCPs) less than 1-5 m
  • Dedicated sensors: RGB: Res. 16 MP, NIR Res. 12 MP, Thermal Res. Space 14cm / px 75 m – thermal resolution 0.1 ° – 4 sensors Multispectral resolution 1.2 MP
  • A complete and integrated software suite for integration, processing, and dissemination of the acquired data.
Bati Image-multispectrale-geomatic-development Image-thermique-geomatic-development
 Very high resolution Ortho mosaïc
Multispectral imagery
Thermal imagery


 Vegetation zoom
 Wine yard ranks zoom



  • Lightweight solution UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle ) : precision and maneuverability
  • More independent of climatic constraints as other traditional means of acquisition (airplane, helicopter, satellite)
  • Cheaper solution
  • International deployment
  • Rapid intervention
  • Environmentally friendly : electric motor, low noise

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