3D Reconstruction : Landscape & Historical Heritage

Photogrammetry is an efficient way to obtain 3D digital images faithful to reality through a series of high definition aerial photographs. We can combine these photographs to topographical and elevation data. This three-dimentional reconstruction is also a volume measurement tool thanks to a complete study of all its faces and can be used is a variety of domains, such as archeology, quarrying, landslide prevention and heritage management and research.

3D reconstruction example : Savoillan village South East of France

3D video presentation : Fort Saint André Villeneuve les Avignon


  • Ortho-photography
  • Topographical maps
  • Sloples calculation
  • Volume calculation
  • Building site monitoring
  • Architecture : 3D modelisation : buildings and landscapes
  • Town planning and construction : landscape integration


  • Quick and effective
  • Cost effective
  • Monitoring over time

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